How to Cancel Your Club Pogo or Pogo Subscription? is a free internet gaming site so as to propose more than 50 incidental games from the famous brands for example Hasbro and PopCap Games. Since 2006, has reliably been a major 10 Internet website for U.S. guests when estimated by time spent on the web. It offers a diversity of card and board games similar to First Class Solitaire and Monopoly to astound, sports and word games like Scrabble. Electronic Arts is the owner which is situated in Redwood Shores, California.

The internet site is free because of promoting sponsorships however during a game; there will be a commercial break which may last up to a time limit of 20 seconds. To become a member of the Pogo club, players are firmly motivated to register their name. For becoming the membership, the proposal of premium advantages is offered the exclusion of the commercials as an incentive so that you can play the games interrupt. After browsing with the Java-plugin, Flash or the latest HTML5, Games will be visible on the site which you can play in a program. Flash games are as a rule gradually going to e finished through 2020. Different players are also allowed to participate even to chat also in the Games load in a “room”.

Facility of Download of games is also provided by Pogo, frequently “deluxe” or “to go” versions of games which are already invented, you can also buy and play even as offline. Several downloaded games which include chat and tokens, which are comparable to the original games.

How to Cancel your Club Pogo or Pogo subscription ?

On the off chance that you need to play all games accessible on the Pogo, you need to pursue a paid membership which is called Club Pogo. In future, If you think that Club Pogo isn’t adequate, you are always free to request for revoking the Pogo Subscription. It is enormously very easy to do yet there are barely some formalities to consider before dropping Pogo Account. You will get a best offer from Pogo likewise downloadable games, regularly “special” or “to go” versions which are already released games before. You may buy and play the said games with the facility of no internet. You can include the chat and tokens facility which you get in the original games from various downloaded games.

Things you should consider Before cancelling your Club Pogo or Pogo subscription
  • When you make your mind up to cancel the Pogo Subscription, the facility to play out is offered for the remaining time left on your subscription.
  • Before going to reactivate an account, you should know that there’re no free trials. If you decide to do it, you have to pay the subscription as soon as you reactivate.
 Steps you need to follow to Cancel Your Club Pogo or Pogo Subscription:
  1. Open your web browser and visit the official website
  2. Incase you are not able to login, you may contact Pogo Support Center.
  3. Once you Pogo is completely loaded, you will see the sign in window. Enter your username and password.
  4. Click My Account which is located in the upper right of your screen.
  5. In the process, you may be asked to re-enter your password (for security reasons).
  6. Your window screen would look something similar to the image given below:
club pogo account


  1. Click the Billing and Subscription tab which is located on the left. 
  2. Subscription details will appear here and a link also. Thereafter Click the Cancel your subscription link on the right side of the screen.
    • During this processes, You will be asked to re-enter your password (for security reasons)
    • After then you require to Re-enter your password.
  3. Thereafter a new screen will appear before you asking you to confirm your Club Pogo cancellation.
  4. For confirmation and cancellation of you Pogo subscription, Click the Confirm Cancellation button. 
  5. Please note that after cancellation of your subscription, you may play game for the remaining time deposited in your account.
Confirm cancellation Club Pogo account

For standard (free) Pogo customers do not have to pay any subscription fee. That’s why cancellation is not required for these accounts.

If you have taken a decision to deactivate your EA Account (whether it’s a paid or free account), you can visit to Pogo and EA sites where you have the option to request to deactivate your account by approaching to one of our EA Advisors. Please remember to include the following information while requesting to cancel your club pogo subcription:

  • Accurate Screen Name on the Pogo Account
  • Account holder’s actual Date of Birth
  • For the purpose of billing and payment of Club Pogo contribution, you have to use the last four digits of your credit card or you can pay by other means as per your convenience.
How to Cancel the account of a family member or friend in the case of death?

In the event that you need to drop Pogo Subscription for one of your relative or companion if there should be an occurrence of death, you can in any case utilize the previously mentioned advances in so far as you have the correct data. In the event that you don’t have a clue about the correct record accreditations, contact Pogo Customer Service and request them to drop Pogo Account with a legitimate purpose behind this. Officials at Pogo are useful and you will absolutely get the issue settled rapidly.

We trust, hope that you have got total help from this article for cancelling your club pogo or pogo subscription without any hitch. Still if you think that the information provided to you is not adequate, benevolently let us know in remarks, we would be glad to refresh this article with more information for your kind perusal.

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